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Again on time and time again…

It has now been established beyond any doubt that Time is an illusion and to somewhat alleviate this to some non-Luobaniyans disturbing concept the studygroup on chronopetimetry have interimistically (also that in reality an illusion) introduced the concept of “Luobaniyan Time”. But as the concordance to other calenders are being worked out and it is an ongoing process in “realtime”. I will briefly try to tell you what the Luobaniyan concept of time is.

Luobaniyans have a most flexible reckoning of time but to make it possible to interact at least with some proximity the grand scheme of a luobaniyan concordance to all chronopetimetry have recently been publicly announced for comments and critique. The committy will supply a detailed document in no time at all! Simply speaking it is a decimal system that gives each person 100 hours a day and 100 minutes per hour and so on. meaning Luobaniyans get much more time to hang around and for instance an illusive concept, as that of “a Sunday” can drag on virtually exactly how long a luobaniyan chooses. Anyhow do not worry, as we cannot waste time, only time can waste you!

Petit Con, Constant secretary left in charge of chronopetrimetical questions and guidance at the interimistic consulate of Luobaniya in what at the moment by a possible majority of simultaneously occuring organisms might have been considered to be an ordinary Monday at Ultima Thule! To some it may even look like Wednesday already but this took longer than usual and had to be finished in one day!


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Calling all Luobaniyans!

For the time being, or not being an illusion, and since we have not yet come to any decision on a coherent Luobaniyan time reckoning we shall interimistically make do with some of the existing ones.

Therefore we shall observe all traditions currently in use as we remember them!

We, the impermanent secretaries left in charge of the Luobaniyan consulate, have come to the conclusion at the announcement of time proposed by the local hosting computer clocks indication of a most likely very auspicious decimal and duodecane confluence at 2010.02.10 – 21.48.12.